Birkenwald was established in 1968. Our foundation bitch was sired by a well known son of the famous CH. Hie-on-Dan, himself a brother of F.T.CH. Hie-on-Dina. Our 1st. Litter was sired by a F.T. winning son of CH. Nerven Jasper, one of the very 1st. G.S.P. Champions in the U.K.

We have always sought only the very best dogs to breed from,  money and / or distance no object. A 1st. class temperament and a bred in working ability plus soundness is a must. At the time when dogs had to undergo 6 Months quarantine we imported 7 top dogs from Germany to strengthen and improve our already excellent bloodlines. Now with the existence of the Pet Passport we continue with choosing only the very best German sires to mate our Bitches.

Birkenwald  is proud of the fact that we only breed entirely with dogs from  the top German blood lines. At present our litters have between 40 and 50 German F.T.CH. In their pedigrees. Although we have never advertised abroad we frequently export  to many countries all over the World.In Australia we are responsible for the very 1st. black/ white G.S.P. ever to enter into that country. Apart from puppies we have also sent frozen semen to improve bloodlines abroad. At home and abroad many puppies are sold by word of mouth and lots of people return to us over the years to replace a loved Birkenwald dog or add a 2nd or 3rd. one to their family.

In the shooting field Birkenwald dogs are known for their strong drive and hunting ability, combined with a very superior nose, stylish pointing and reliable retrieving on land or in water, but most of all they are cherished as a valuable family member who fits in with the household, are gentle with children, but can also behave quietly in a kennel. Our puppies are always born in the house  and are very well handled and reared only with the very best food available. They have large clean runs to exercise in, a warm comfortable clean sleeping-kennel plus a well fenced area to explore,  chase around and do what puppies do best, i.e. dig Holes etc. Our very excellent Veterinary surgery looks after the well being of our dogs and puppies which includes many Health Checks, Vaccinations and of course H.D. Checks. We are proud to own and have bred several dogs with a 0-0 hip score. Our 2 brood bitches are both German F.T.CH. and  F.T.CH. Rolf K.S. Birkenwald bred by us is at present the Top black & white sire of all G.S.P.'s in Germany 3 years running.

We are always ready with help and advice for the new owners for the rest of their dogs life. If a dog needs to be re homed, whatever the reason, we always make sure the perfect new home is found for it, no matter how long it takes. Very few breeders can prove that sort of care and dedication over a period of 40 years.   

Rixa K.S. Birkenwald photo
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